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HERE you can see graphic outputs from observatory. Except pollutants mentioned above it measures VOCs (volatile organic compounds). There are no short-term limit values for VOCs.

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Foundation documents

Cooperation Agreement
for the establishment and operation of the Centre of Environmental Kralupy nad Vltavou and the exchange of environmental information

Among the Participant Parties

ČESKÁ RAFINÉRSKÁ, a.s., Litvínov
KAUČUK, a.s., Kralupy nad Vltavou
Linde Gas, a.s., Praha 9
MERO ČR, a.s., Kralupy nad Vltavou
Shell Gas ČR, s.r.o., Praha 9
SARTOMER CZECH s.r.o., Kralupy nad Vltavou (since 2007)
Municipality Kralupy nad Vltavou
Výzkumný ústav pro hnědé uhlí, a.s. Most

The parties of this Agreement, with the objective to improve the availability of environmental information to both the wide public and specialists, recognize the purposefulness of establishment of an open centre for collection, evaluation, exchange and multimedia presentation of environmental information in the region of Most.

The parties of this Agreement wish to contribute to a gradual change in the perception of the Most region by its inhabitants, visitors, and potential investors, to improve the region's image in the national and international scope, and to contribute to the strengthening of the position of the Czech Republic in the process of its integration with the European Union.

An effort will be made to create a centre that will be a good example of open communication among industrial enterprises, the state administration, and the public, including the media and non-government organizations. At the same time, the operation of the centre will contribute to the implementation of Act No. 123/98 Coll., On the Right to Environmental Information, and Act No. 106/99 Coll., On Freedom of Access to Information.

With respect to the geographic location of the Most region on the border with the Federative Land of Saxony, Germany, the centre will be open to our partners of the Saxon party, will actively co-operate with them, contribute to the development of cross-border co-operation within the activities of the Krušnohoří (the Ore Mountains Region) Euroregion, and create a spirit of European co-operation.

Establishment of the Centre

The contractual parties shall support the creation of an open information centre for collection, processing, and presentation of environmental information in the district of Most, and possibly in the adjacent regions. The participant parties shall provide data and information to this centre for further use according to the needs of the centre, and at the same time shall receive the processed information.
This centre is open to co-operation with other organizations.

Environmental Centre

The contractual parties have agreed that the heretofore mentioned centre shall be called Ekologické centrum Most pro Krušnohoří (Environmental Centre Most  for the Ore Mountains region) (hereinafter referred to as the Environmental Centre), and its registered office shall be at the building of Výzkumný ústav pro hnědé uhlí, Most, Budovatelů 2830, in an area reserved and equipped for the given purpose.

The Environmental Centre shall operate as part of Výzkumný ústav pro hnědé uhlí, a.s., Most, which shall maintain its operation and staffing, and it will be established as a department with independent management.

The Mission of the Environmental Centre

The contractual parties have agreed that the Environmental Centre's scope of activities shall be as follows:

- monitoring of atmosphere, water, soil, waste and noise
- processing of received information into a format suitable for multimedia presentation and exchange among the contractual parties
- registration of "reports and observations" from the public, their explanation or handing over to other legally or otherwise authorized bodies
- creation of agreed-upon long-term environmental indexes, and their popularization
- environmental counselling for the citizens, state administration, enterprises, and non-profit organizations
- organizing of seminars or other events for specialists and the wide public with the objective to create a platform for environmental education
- practical environmental education
- co-operation with the Integrated Emergency System in cases of emergency, in order to facilitate better transfer of information
- presentation of the processed data and information in an agreed-upon format to the public via the web pages, the press, regional radio and television, the Environmental Centre's own publication activity, and other suitable forms

The operation of the Environmental Centre shall be continuous, and certain agreed-upon key information shall be presented on-line and multilingually.

Obligations of the Contractual Parties

The contractual parties declare that they shall provide agreed-upon data, information, and services to the Environmental Centre in order to facilitate the implementation of its objectives given in Art. 3.

Enterprises shall secure direct link to their operation control systems to enable efficient access to information solely for the purposes of the Environmental Centre.

The contractual parties shall provide the Environmental Centre staff with information about their organizations. In addition, industrial enterprises shall provide all relevant information about their production equipment and production areas in order to create adequate conditions for the Environmental Centre staff to carry out their tasks.


The Environmental Centre, in co-operation with the Most Labour Office and the Business and Innovation Centre North Bohemia at Výzkumný ústav pro hnědé uhlí, a.s., Most, shall create job opportunities, provide staff training, and develop connections with third parties of this Agreement, international parties included.

The Environmental Centre staff shall take a course, designed by the Business and Innovation Centre North Bohemia, and upon finishing this course shall receive a certificate in accordance with the authorization from the Czech Republic Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport.

The staff of the Environmental Centre shall consist of managing staff and dispatchers, who will be in legal relation, either as regular employees or otherwise, with Výzkumný ústav pro hnědé uhlí, a.s., Most. In addition, the Environmental Centre shall employ instructors and consultants.

Hardware and Software

The contractual parties have agreed that, with regard to the requirements for the volume of data to be processed and made available in short periods of time while guaranteeing maximum reliability, the Environmental Centre has to have at its disposal adequate hardware and software. This hardware and software shall be installed at the Environmental Centre step by step.

The Environmental Centre shall apply for various grants in order to obtain this hardware and software, as well as other equipment and facilities.

The contractual parties shall provide, i.e. donate, lease out, or sell, as their resources allow, the equipment needed to furnish the Environmental Centre.

Financial Resources

According to this Agreement among the contractual parties, the Environmental Centre shall obtain finances from the following sources:

-long-term bilateral contracts on co-operation on operation of the Environmental Centre that shall be made between Výzkumný ústav pro hnědé uhlí, a.s., Most and other enterprises mentioned in this Agreement, and possibly other organizations wishing to join the Agreement in the future. Fulfilment of the financial obligations resulting from these bilateral contracts shall be known to the contractual parties of this Agreement.
- external sources, such as grants, subsidies, and contributions from national and international organizations.
- contributions from local budgets in the area which the activities of the Environmental Centre will cover.
-sales of information to third parties on the contractual basis.

The Environmental Centre shall submit to the contractual parties an annual report with a statement attached, no later than 30th June of each next year.

Time Schedule for Opening

The contractual parties have agreed that the Environmental Centre shall open on 1st April 2000.

A workshop with the participation of the contractual parties regarding the assignment of the data collection and processing project shall be held on 16th March 2000.

An training project for candidates for work positions at the Environmental Centre shall start on 27th March 2000.

The Environmental Centre shall open its web page no later that 1st May 2000, and shall gradually expand and modernize it.

The Environmental Centre shall be staffed no later than 1st July 2000.

An open phone line and a control system shall be put into operation as soon as all the requirements regarding equipment, facilities, and staff necessary for their operation are met. All contractual parties shall be notified in writing about the opening of these services.

Legal Liability

This Agreement, which expresses the will of the participant parties to support the creation of the Environmental Centre and subsequently support its operation, is of merely declaratory character with no constitutive effects, and therefore obligations resulting from this Agreement are not legally binding.

Final Provisions

This Agreement is made for an indefinite period of time, and comes into force on the date of signing by the last of the contractual parties.

This Agreement may only be altered or amended by written amendments, numbered chronologically with an ascending series of digits. The validity of these amendments is conditioned by signature of all the contractual parties.

This Agreement is made in 10 originals, and the depository of the Agreement is Výzkumný ústav pro hnědé uhlí, a.s., Most.

Kralupy, on 22th June 2006

Ing. Ivan Souček v.r.
General Manager Česká rafinérská, a.s.

Ing. Jaroslav Pantůček v.r.
General Manager MERO ČR, a.s.

Ing. Radomír Věk v.r.
General Manager Kaučuk, a.s.

Mgr. Pavel Rynt v.r.
Mayor Město Kralupy nad Vltavou

Ing. Vladimír Polák v.r.
Technical production Manager Linde Gas, a.s.

Ing. Marcela Šafářová v.r.
 Manager Výzkumný ústav pro hnědé uhlí, a.s.

Ing. Pavel Bartl v.r.
General Manager Shell Gas ČR, s.r.o.