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Air quality

Aktuální imisní situace
nitrogen dioxide nitrogen dioxide
sulfur dioxide sulfur dioxide

HERE you can see graphic outputs from observatory. Except pollutants mentioned above it measures VOCs (volatile organic compounds). There are no short-term limit values for VOCs.

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Our philosophy

The starting situation

At the present time, there still have been such an opinion among the public of the Most region even among the public of the whole Czech Republic that the enviroment in this area is being damaged and polluted much more than in the majority of other areas of the Czech Republic. This opinion is well-founded in many directions, but the enviromental condition has been demonstrably improved during few past years, mainly in the areas of air cleanness or land reclamation. These facts are known in professional walks, but without their following sufficient introduction to the laic public.

A row of state and other organizations in the region of Most is dealing with monitoring the enviromental condition, especially air, and assembling data of the enviroment. These organizations are utilizing acquired data for varied purposes, but the widest public has only restricted and delayed access to these information.

Recently two important acts dealing with information providing have come into force, i.e. Act No. 123/1998 on right to know information on the environment, and Act No. 106/1999 on freedom of access to information. It is evident that it will ask for some time for the public to get used to utilizing this information freedom, and providing information to the public will become a standard procedure of the state administration and self-government. Nevertheless, as the time goes by, we can expect growth of a routine connected with searching an processing wanted information as well as growth of a routine having an administration character (recording applications, correspondence, etc.), which will unquestionably result in the time busyness of individual workers of the public administration to the detriment of other work duties.

In this situation, there is appearing Ecological Centre with its existence and activity focused on creation of an advisable base for communication and effective flow of enviromental information among industrial enterprises, public administration and the widest public.

Scope of activities

treatment and multimedial popularization of environmental information - The EC will deal with collecting, processing, evaluating and multimedial publishing of the information on environmental quality.

inquiry and complaint hot line - The EC will be responding to questions or complaints of citizens round the clock using the phone line and the e-mail.

communication mediator - The EC will be in a close relation to local authorities and industrial companies. Thus the EC can mediate an informal discussion between these subjects and the wide public.

emergency inquiry service - The EC will be co-operating with authorities and emergency control rooms in order to provide the public with topical information in cases of emergency.

advice centre for the public - The EC will be keeping the consultancy service in the field of environmental legislation.

multilingual presentation - Activities of the EC will be reported multilingually (Czech, English, German)


an easy access to environmental information

increasing acquaintance of inhabitants in the enviromental area

assurance of the effective flow of environmental information between the public on the one hand and authorities and companies on the other hand

supporting perception of the Most region like an area where the enviroment is being demonstrably improved and supporting creation of a new, more attractive image of the Most region and that is why this region has become more attractive for tourists and investors

relief for the public administration in the area of providing information, and rise of an original project for the Czech Republic that will demonstrate the effective fulfilling the intend of the Act No.123/1998

creation of new work places